“We thought when we were referred to a Bank On Yourself advisor that person would just want to sell us some insurance and send us on our way, but Mrs. Blosser was not just interested in selling us an insurance product.  She wanted to be sure all our finances were in order and she set about leading us through the process of developing a plan to meet our goals and needs. 

Thanks to her direction we were able to increase our monthly cash flow and increase our insurance protection.  We love our Bank On Yourself policy and recently borrowed from ourselves and are going to be repaying ourselves with the interest we would usually be giving to the bank or credit card company! 

We have been very happy working with Mrs. Blosser and have been so impressed with the way she conducts her business—she does exactly what she says she will do and more and highly recommend her to anyone wanting expert financial planning from someone who knows what they are talking about and who does so with a friendly, personal touch.

– Connie and Bill Martin, Deltona, FL

“Marilyn has had good suggestions, practical ideas and “solutions” for us over the years.  She is always available to discuss issues and circumstances and she explains things thoroughly in simple terms that even I can understand.”

– Mary Csar, Boca Raton, FL

“For over 25 years Marilyn Blosser has remained the strongest member of my financial team. Even after a move of over 500 miles she is the one person that I kept on my team and by my side. I’ve advised my children to use her expertise and she is now helping them to be financially secure.” 

– O.P. Bond, III, Boston GA

“Marilyn, Thank you for your help and advice in choosing the right life insurance policies for our family. Your expertise through that process was wonderful.”

 – Mason Harris, Miami, FL

“Marilyn makes you feel confident because she knows her business and she has your best interest at heart.”

 – Marie L. Dexter, Miami, FL

“Having the right insurance agent is like having the right doctor. One needs to feel their agent is looking out for their best interest, personal, financially and physically. Marilyn Blosser has been my agent for over 16 years and has always taken much time and patience to help me build a secure future in sickness and health.”

– Sandra Cisco, Inverness, FL

“I couldn’t be more pleased and thankful to Marilyn Blosser for all her courtesies, patience and taking her time and trouble to explain and help me clear all my doubts and guide me in the right direction. I highly recommend her in every way, personally and professionally.”

 – Maria Carranza, Miami, FL

“I wish to express my gratitude for your straightforward approach to set up my financial goals. Your sage counsel has guided me well. Many thanks for your professional manner.”

 – Patricia M Geiger, Lake Alfred, FL

“Marilyn Blosser is a dedicated agent who is always at hand to help and to answer questions. Value her services highly.” 

– Frances Baboun, Miami, Fl

“Just a note to thank you for always being there for me and taking the time to explain and advice on how to plan for our future. Had you not done so I don’t know what we would have done. I only wish I had listened to some of your other advice!! In all the years, you have always been there for us – though good times and bad. Not many people want to be there in the bad times but you were/are only a phone call away. You are a rare breed my dear.”

– Suzie Mears, Homestead, FL