Ready or Not Its Retirement Day


This day comes from out of nowhere for the majority of people in this Country.  It seems like only yesterday you were 52, what happened and more importantly:  How many of these questions can you answer with a yes?

retirement next exit

  1.  Where is your money?
  2. How much do you have?
  3. Will you outlive your income?
  4. Will your family be provided for at your death &   able to maintain their current lifestyle?
  5. Are you prepared in the event of a Long Term Care need?
  6. Is your trust in order?

With over 35 years in the financial services business and talking to hundreds of clients I have found that most people cannot answer yes to more than two of the questions above.  If you are one of these people you better get your financial house in order AND review your financial affairs at least every two years and more often if changes occur.   In the words of Lauren Manning a 911 survivor, “No crisis comes with a warning” If you have not prepared for your retirement you will be in a state of crisis.  This can be avoided but only if you take action and control of your financial life.

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In the number one selling book, ‘The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security’ I wrote ‘Wealth Does Not Reside in Chaos’.  If you would like to remove the chaos from your finances contact me for a free one hour no obligation consultation.  I guarantee you three things will happen:

check1) You will be able to answer yes to all six questions above

check2) You will be in control of your financial affairs and

check3) You will be much better prepared for your retirement day


If you respond to this offer by November 30th, I will email you a copy of my book AND as a special bonus I’ll also have a copy of Pamela Yellen’s (Best Selling Author of Bank On Yourself®) book ‘Bank On Yourself Revolution’ mailed to you when it’s released in February 2014..


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