How Does Bank On Yourself® Compare


Bank On Yourself® is based on a super-charged dividend-paying whole life policy, and they’ve been given a bum rap by stock brokers and others tied to Wall Street. “Look at those hefty initial fees! They don’t even tell you how much your advisor is making off it!” It’s true. You won’t see the detail of this fee and that expense.

bullseye money

  But it’s kind of like buying a vacuum cleaner at Sears.    You just want to know the bottom line price you’re    paying, right? Do you really care about the details of  how much commission that guy at Sears is making,  how much the truck charged to deliver it to the store  or how much it cost the factory to build it? No. You  care about what comes out of your pocket and what  you end up with, don’t you?

The projections and guaranteed values of Bank On Yourself-type plans have already had all costs – including insurance costs and commissions – deducted, so you know your bottom-line, and there are no surprises in the future. No unknowns. No smoke and mirrors, just clear information so you can know in advance the true value of your plan at any point in time. For more information contact your Authorized Bank On Yourself Advisor – Marilyn Blosser 888-251-5436


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