OK January is over, so Happy February.  How do you compare with the rest of the Country regarding your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you make is past the second week in January or fail as about half of those who try do?

3 Qs

About those ‘Three Little Questions’ here are some ideas for you:

  1.  What should I START doing Update my cash flow spreadsheet at least    quarterly so I’ll know where my money is going and stop the leaks.
  2.  What should I STOP doing?  Stop impulsive spending by asking myself is  this something I need or something I want?
  3. What should I CONTINUE doing  Continue reading Marilyn’s blogs and following her financial coaching 🙂

For those of you haven’t yet written down your answers to the ‘Three Little Questions’ above I’m waiting to hear from you??

Q man

Will be back with you on February 28th to celebrate Happy March!

PS:  And how are you doing with your money rules?   Have you written them down and if you need some assistance with them give us a call.  Hint, answers to the ‘3 Little Questions’ could be part of your money rules!


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